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About Go No PHO

IOI Loders Croklaan, has extensive experience in the commercialization of oil and shortening solutions that are free of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs). Trans-fat reduction and providing healthier alternatives has been our greatest area of focus and this website is an extension of that focus to provide our customers with easily accessible information to assist with formulation needs.

Palm Oil

Palm oil, a very stable and cost effective oil for many applications, is the most widely produced vegetable oil in the world today with the highest yield per hectare. Other genetically engineered oils such as canola, sunflower and soybean oils, have relatively limited production capability which could lead to higher costs in the foreseeable future. According to IOI Loders Croklaan VP of R&D, Gerald McNeill, PhD., palm oil is a naturally occurring semi-solid oil which is an excellent alternative to any semi-solid PHO – which makes it an ideal solution for the baking and snack industries. Demand for vegetable oil is expected to experience an exponential growth rate (in-line with global population and wealth growth) over the next couple of decades, and palm oil is expected to become a leader and the dominant low-cost edible oil for the world.

PHO Removal

While a 2006 labeling law, that added trans-fats to the nutrition facts panel, motivated many manufacturers to reduce or eliminate partially hydrogenated oils from their formulations, the FDA estimates 25% of products that contained trans-fats in 2006 still contain trans-fats today. The source of these ‘artificial’ trans-fats typically come from PHOs. With the FDA ban on PHOs manufacturers are now required to eliminate PHOs from their products by 2018. Having years of experience assisting our partners in the formulation of trans-fat-free applications, IOI Loders Croklaan has already completed much of the development work necessary for food manufacturers’ reformulation needs.

Recently here at IOI Loders Croklaan we have doubled our plant capacity in Channahon, IL to meet the needs of the food industry in anticipation of the FDA approval to remove PHOs from food products. Further, to assist and promote product innovation we recently opened our Creative Studio to provide a collaborative environment to foster creativity for our customers.

We look forward to the opportunity our palm oil and reformulation expertise with you to assist with the elimination of PHOs.

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