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SansTrans™ Roll-Rite Puff

Artisanal Grade Puff Pastry Shortening

Designed for use in puff pastry applications, SansTrans™ Roll-Rite Puff gives excellent lift and expansion properties which offers unlimited design possibilities and appeal of the end product.

Key Features

  • Creates uniform maximum lift
  • Flexible to prevent tearing
  • Flaky “melt in your mouth” pastry
  • Proper consistency maintained during lamination
  • Clean label product, no emulsifiers or additives

SansTrans™ Roll-Rite shortenings combine a clean eating profile with a uniform, flaky texture, appealing to the most discerning palate.

SansTrans™ Roll-Rite Puff has superior handling qualities to maximize production efficiency. Specially formulated to maintain consistency in production, the product ensures dough integrity and throughput during lamination.

Roll-Rite Puff